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Website & Marketing for Forte Physical Health


Chris’ business at Forte Physical Health had expanded to a team of five multi disciplinarian practitioners. Keeping a steady stream of work meant relying upon Google Ads to provide a stream of new patients which had pushed marketing spend up. The current website while performing well in the search engines was dated and no longer represented where the business was at.

The brief included:

  • Maintain organic ranking
  • Convert traffic better
  • Reduce Google Ads spend
  • Maintain a high new patient count
Every goal in the brief has been met

Every goal in the brief has been met. It’s easy to track how our website is performing and now I have the confidence to reduce marketing spend on Google Ads in the knowledge I can always spend more and get more if needed. 

Chris Branch
Chris Branch
Senior Osteopath, BOst., FAFS


Forte Physical Health's branding very is clean, professional, and modern. While the blue color is often associated with calmness, stability, and trustworthiness, which makes it a popular choice in branding for healthcare providers. The other colors conveys enthusiasm, energy, and vitality.

Color Branding
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary
  • Light
  • Accent 1
  • Accent 2
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Website Copy For Osteopaths

Websites are designed for the user experience so patients can find the information they need. New patients will be educated on their journey and returning patients can simply book in. 

SEO Configuration

Not only was the on page SEO tailored to capture as much Osteopathic related traffic, the Google Business Profile was optimised to capture as much traffic as possible.

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New Visitors Funnel

Maps searches in Google can be a rich source of free traffic. Not only do we optimise your account, but we help you use this asset to its full potential. Statistics are also provided on how well you rank against your competitors.

Pay Per Click Management

Forte Physical Health was able to significantly reduce ad spend without compromising on new enquiries. Because all spend was tracked directly to enquiries, more focus was directed toward profitable keywords and ads. This meant that the budget could easily be adjusted in the knowledge that the conversion ratio for paid traffic was predictable.

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Project Summary

Since going live, Forte Physical Health have had a positive return on their investment in terms of the reduction in ad spend alone. The website continues to perform well organically with the notable benefit of the website converting traffic better.

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